We here at Loaded Barrel Studios would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed to the production of our latest graphic novel, GREY. While we have many people to be grateful to for their participation in and help with all of the Loaded Barrel Studios works, this space is specifically dedicated to saying thank you to those who supported our work financially. To all of you, thank you.

Tom and Jacqui Dorsett

Nicole Hecht

Brian Manning

Alexander Grishin

Avi Rochman

Rosa David

Robert Gavett

Kelliann Cougle

Jennypher De La Cruz

William Kane

Christina Nazy

Elan Borenstein

Preston Imperatore

Hermes Marco

Brad Larson

Matthew Bergen

Michael and Maureen Saitta

Mike Riley

Michael Dori

Michael Goldemberg

Bobbi Freedman

Kyle Mumford

Andrew Romano

Blakeley Clemeny

Andrea Alvino

Michael Lavorgnia

Shana Nichols Alvare

Matthew Morris

Randy Andre

Keith McCarthy

Dave Seskin

Kevin Crombie

Vincent Vitale

Joanna Slusarz

Anita and Bert Spielman

Caio Marsili